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Our office is located in Louisiana with a team of highly regarded architects, builders, and craftspeople.  For over a decade, this collaborative and holistic approach has helped us deliver high-quality projects.


Architects and Builders is proud to be one of the few practices that offer architecture and construction services under one roof, fusing these two critically inter-related disciplines. From the initial brief through to concept design, costing, project management, and construction, practice is committed working collaboratively with you to ensure stunning architectural outcomes are matched with a smooth and professionally managed construction process. The firm brings our multifaceted skill-set to a wide variety of projects.


We take inspiration from ideas of location, light, aesthetics, materiality and construct-ability. Each project has a unique geographical and cultural environment, which offers a rich source of design possibilities centered on fundamental needs and human scale. Incorporating context and inspiration into every project is at the core of our practice. We challenge preconceptions and examine assumptions to find better ways to bring together the people who use our designs into their place and site.

We have a professional team of architects, project managers, superintendents, foremen, craftsman, subcontractors and suppliers who are committed to excellence in all types of materials, fittings, fixtures, and finishes - our team is equipped to construct anything we design. Our ethical conduct, timely construction and smooth execution combined with our open lines of communication have elevated Architects and Builders to the forefront of the building industry.

For Architects and Builders, one of the most important considerations for any project is its sustainability. Our design process for each and every project begins with ensuring that the building and interior planning are arranged to take advantage of natural daylight. We give careful considerations to the total environmental impact of each material through every step of its life, from arrival on site to eventually demolition and recycling, aiming to minimize the environmental impact of the building process.


“It is my firm belief that you truly don’t know what a material can do for you until you work with it. Taking a piece of timber, steel, or stone and transforming it into something new gives you a greater appreciation for the design, cost, and construct-ability of different materials. Architects should be building specialists – we should have comprehensive knowledge when it comes to building buildings. Architects and Builders is ahead of the game in this respect.” 

–  Mark Thomas CEO


We understand all aspects of construction, from permits needed to soil and structure to aesthetics and what you may want to satisfy today's real estate market.

Architects and Builders is a living, breathing representation of Mark’s personal philosophy – that the basis of great architecture encompasses beautifully crafted, efficiently delivered and innovative outcomes that are project managed with respect to risk mitigation and cost control. His creative capacity, passion, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our Team’s work. Our team has a grounded approach to architecture with balanced goals to create great designs that are appropriate to our clients’ budget requirements. His talented, multi-skilled, dedicated team of professionals share his passion for architecture and building artisanship. Significantly, the practice has the unique ability to manage and estimate each project’s budget and timeframe throughout the architectural design process, bringing an unrivaled level of expertise to traditional architectural services.

The team brings a deep understanding of the relationship between architectural design and detailing to construction logistics and fabrication. Whether you are seeking architectural services or both architectural and construction services, there is no greater asset than an architect that can bring to the design process the knowledge, insight, and expertise of a recognized team that have delivered the design, project management and construction of architecture for over ten years.


Our client base is as diverse as we are and includes private owners, corporations and government agencies. We are passionate advocates for your project throughout the approval and build process, including working with city and regional council government. With our unrivaled design and building experience and close attention to even the smallest details, Architects and Builders skills extend into designing interior spaces which will be a delight to occupy and enjoy throughout the days, years and decades to come. We are able to work with you to deliver well designed interiors which will complement and enhance the architectural design of your project. We are also able to design and build components and furniture enabling us to create the perfect piece to complete your project. In many cases, we are able to incorporate materials from existing buildings into furniture, adding a layer of history to the final product.

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